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The touchscreen display is the primary interface for self-service.  At one time it was considered optional, but now it is pretty much a given (though some keyboard apps still exist).

The top touch technologies are projected capacitance, analog resistive, surface capacitive, infrared (IR), and surface acoustic wave (SAW). However – projected capacitive, SAW and analog resistive make up 90% of the total market.  In 2019 we added contactless touchscreens.  There are hologram, gesture and hover touchscreens + haptic-feedback touchscreens to consider. Styles include no bezel and open-frame.

Treatments include privacy, anti-glare and vandal resistance.  There are antimicrobial treatments but we have a low confidence factor in those effectively reducing contamination. Those usually belong in the “hygiene theater” category.

Touch Screen Monitor Software Solutions

See self-service software application companies to consider in the software space for kiosks, self-service, remote monitoring and digital signage.  For the most part, most of the solutions are Windows kiosks but Android is a very large contingent now. Note too that many of the Hardware Only companies often resell, recommend and provide the applications.  And most of the software companies can recommend hardware as well as provide that as a complete solution.

Which one is best for you depends on your particular situation.  If you are looking for strictly an Android control agent, then Sitekiosk/KioWare/Esper are the obvious purpose-built solutions. They also provide support for peripheral devices which in-house web developers usually shake their head at when asked to support.

Digital signage, CMS and custom built UI and applications screens?  Then Nanonation, 22Miles, AcquireDigital and Intuiface should be on your interview list.