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By | May 10, 2021

Touchscreen Displays and Digital Signs by AUO

Auo touch screen monitor

Auo touch screen monitor

Touchscreen Displays and Digital Signs By AUO

Auo touch screen monitorsWelcome to AUO as a two-year Gold-level sponsor.


AUO has a complete generation of G3.5 to G8.5 TFT-LCD fabs, with over two decades of technological know-how and product expertise. AUO’s product portfolio ranges from 1.1 to 85 inch displays for all types of applications.

AUO Touch SCreen Monitors

AUO Touch SCreen Monitors

AUO delivers a total solution through its comprehensive portfolio of display technologies and diversified product combinations, including customer-oriented concepts such as full set system and touch screen integration. Our goal is to provide high quality, highly reliable products with AUO’s continuing service for our customers.

One of the exciting new products for us is the new SDM-Ready series of displays (S & L). AUO-0407_Flyer_SDM_EN_FA-compressed

Below is just one segment that AUO works in and that is the Retail environment and generally large format displays.

Screens that inform, engage and drive business

AUO PID total solutions can provide shoppers with the latest product information, promotions and upcoming sales / events all through dynamic content.


Video Wall Displays with dynamic content

Video Wall Displays, placed thoughtfully, are great tools to increase store traffic. They can showcase the latest products and promotional items, all the while re-enforcing the brand and creating lasting impressions.

Increase sales revenue

Product promotions, explanatory messaging and calls to action are powerful tools for retail operators to introduce new products and services and realize bottom-line objectives. The right messaging, shown at just the right moment in the consumer journey, can have a powerful influence on sales. Retailers are placing screens in the shopper aisles and at checkout and service counters.

Up-to-date information to attract shoppers

In shopping malls or other retail environments, AUO Ultra-Slim Dual-Sided Displays can offer relevant information such as way-finding, weather updates, exchange rates, new store openings or promotions.