Hologram Touch Screen – 7-Elevens Testing Floating Touchless

By | February 4, 2022

Hologram Touch News

From Sixteen by Nine

On the heels of word that a fast casual restaurant chain in Quebec is testing touchless self-service ordering kiosks comes news of 7-Eleven deploying test units of a touchless payment station in some of its Japanese stores.

The program involves six different technology companies, with a division of Toshiba guiding the program.

From a Japanese online news site:

The floating touch panel registers were developed as a joint project between six different companies: 

  • Toshiba Tec, which created the POS payment system and is responsible for its installation and assembly in stores; 
  • 7-Eleven, who will equip its stores with the product and assist customers with its use while also verifying its effectiveness; 
  • Asukanet Development, which manufactures and sells plates for aerial displays; 
  • Kanda Kogyo Development, which manufactures and sells aerial display modules; 
  • Mitsui Chemicals Development, which manufactures and sells the adhesive “Structbond” used for aerial display plates;
  • and Mitsui Bussan Plastic, which is involved in aerial display module sales and development.

The set-up is a counter-top display that lays flat but does some sort of reflection thing to create the illusion that the payment interface is floating at a 45 degree or so angle above the surface. Optical sensors detect basic gestures like pointing a finger at an icon on the virtual screen.